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Departed Brothers

Last First Middle Date
Aldridge Fredrick P 7/13/2015
Walker Lawrence D 6/15/2015
Mangum James D 6/15/2015
Eargle Raymond 3/18/2015
Harris Billy 1/28/2015
Price Richard F 12/15/2014
Johnson Robert Jr. 10/2/2014
Etheredge William C 7/25/2014
Bearden John A 12/6/2013
Church Bob 6/24/2013
Hughes Walter R. 6/20/2013
Aughtry Raymond H 5/9/2013
Glenn Billy R 4/21/2013
West Robert K 2/14/2013
Lloyd Ezra 5/27/2012
Monts Homer 02/15/2012
Cook Ronald E. 02/10/2012
Derrick David 12/7/2011
Brady Watt 10/29/2011
Harmon Jack L. 9/19/2011
Howard Bennie M 8/25/2011
Lybrand Walter T 8/18/2011
Johnny Chavis 6/30/2011
Phillips Nelson L 2/18/2011
Sturkie Bobbie O 1/14/2011
Reese Wyman Q 10/23/2010
McCartha Wilbur H 9/4/2010
Gainey Thomas L. 8/19/2010
Anderson Billy M. 8/10/2010
Cooper Michael "Ed" 5/15/2010
Rentz Herman W 2/17/2010
Grahl Jesse W 2/6/2010
Galloway Harry B 1/22/2010
Lankford Woodrow J 12/30/2009
Strickland Otis D 10/23/2009
Sheffield Jessie L 10/08/2009
Self Ezell J 07/20/2009
Hall Clarence T 07/16/2009
Frazier Harlon 03/15/2009
Bagwell James B. 11/11/2008
Skenes Edgerton O. 10/23/2008
Tate John R. 09/26/2008
Bouknight Raymond C. 08/23/2008
Owens Norman F. 07/07/2008
Elliott Sr. Shelton M. 05/28/2008
Lewis Tommie K. 03/27/2008
Sharp Jr. Oscar B. 03/19/2008
Jovanelly William A. 02/25/2008
Gordon Henry J. 02/07/2008
Whitfield Elmer R. 03/13/2005

With a sprig of acacia in your pocket, the silver cord loosened, your labor is done. The gate to eternal existence opens for thee and may the hand of God be placed upon your shoulder.

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